INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT The leading provider of currency tracking systems. INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS The leading provider of currency tracking systems. FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT

“Currency Tracking Technologies is dedicated to making our world safer by providing law enforcement with the most advanced systems to identify and solve crime. It is estimated that about 60 percent of terrorism is funded by organized crime and the illicit drug trade, which deal in cash. CTT’s national database of currency information will improve the resources and capabilities of law enforcement by facilitating secure data sharing across agencies and jurisdictions.

Having used the prior standalone system as a Captain with the Pennsylvania State Police and as a Detective in the District Attorney’s Office, I know first-hand that CTT’s technology will be a game changer, dramatically advancing our effectiveness in tracking cash in sting and drug-related cash confiscation operations, and in accelerating cash forfeiture for use by law enforcement.”

–  David Young, CTT COO

The NYPD’s reported “…it had a balance of more than $68 million in seized currency in any given month…” and said “it had no technologically feasible way to track seized money…”

“Attempts to perform the types of searches envisioned in the [cash forfeiture monitoring] bill will lead to system crashes…” “The only way the department could possibly comply with the bill would be a manual count …” said Assistant Deputy Commissioner Robert Messner.

– C.J. Ciaramella, Criminal Justice Reporter, Reason Magazine, September 2016
Currency Tracking Technologies will provide law enforcement with the technology to process and record seized cash which can be used as a resource to fight crime.