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How Crime Fighters can use Blockchain

Everyday Americans face global threats at an unprecedented level. Terrorism rules the news and according to the latest U.S. numbers “lethal attacks almost tripled [since 2014], with the deadliest case being the Las Vegas shooting in October.

CTT helps fight crime

Cartels continue killing in the thousands. Border security seems like a sieve with half our politicians working hard to make it worse. Drug traffickers profit from the endless stream of cartel opioids flooding our society stopping at nothing to reap their dirty earnings while an average of 115 people dying every day.

Human traffickers will lure innocent youngsters sparing no effort to steal them away to high-paying clients who only have the worst intentions. The second-most profitable industry in the world today has emboldened trafficking rings driving numbers to unprecedented levels.

One of the only consistency that criminal activities share is the use of cash. So, how can blockchain help?

Isn’t blockchain for cryptocurrencies?

Yes, and it is so much more. Blockchain at its core is automated, decentralized, triple-entry ledger accounting. It offers exceptional processing speeds, information sharing, encryption and algorithmic verification.

Ultimately, it creates a pristine and immutable chain of evidence for law enforcement and prosecutors.

Combined with advanced scanning and tagging, large volumes of currency can be tracked before, during, and after criminal activities. Supported by artificial intelligence, it becomes possible to decipher criminal activity patterns in advance.

Currency Tracking Technologies focuses on the use of cash and the many ways breakthrough technologies can allow law enforcement agencies more significant insight into the activities of the criminals they seek.

For more on our services, please visit our website.


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