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Tracking Illegal Arms Dealers

CTT enhances law enforcement’s intelligence capabilities to stop illegal arms trading. The difference between legitimate and illegal arms dealing is simple. It is illegal to move contraband weapons for profit.

Each year the Small Arms Survey reports on legal arms transactions (transfers above US $10M), but, measuring the illicit gun trade is more difficult. They track weapons seized in police operations around the globe and use that information to extrapolate figures.

These are only some of the alarming facts:

    • The annual value of the illegal weapons market topped $1B in 2012 and it’s still growing.

      AK 47
      AK 47
    • Each year, an average of 253,000 firearms cross the U.S.-Mexico border, the overwhelming majority of which come from the Southwest states of California, Texas and Arizona.
    • In a May 2017 report, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime expressed the need for more sophisticated investigative techniques as well as greater inter-agency information exchange to counter illicit arms trafficking.

Gunrunners may try to hide the origin of their guns by filing off serial numbers or even re-stamping them. An Internet-of-Things approach to tracking firearms would mean chipping weapons with GPS devices and enough memory to log date and time the weapon was discharged.

Gun reform laws don’t appear to be going in that direction but more than weapons are in the equation. Because cash is the main form of payment in illegal transactions it is a perfect tool for tracking down arms traders.

Tracking Tons of Cash

CTT will become the leading software developer for law enforcement and federal agencies using currency to detect and solve

Piles of Cash
CTT Provides Advanced Currency Tracking

crime. Their proprietary tool will connect currency scanners to a national database allowing law enforcement to determine and analyze patterns of currency connected to criminal activity.

With the amount of pain and suffering caused every year by illegal weapons and the cost to society estimated at just under US $2T globally, it is beyond time to arm our police and federal agencies with the best crime fighting resources available.

To learn more about our support of law enforcement, please visit the rest of our website.


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